What is Airsoft?

Airsoft, in its most basic form, is a recreational sport where players seek to eliminate opponents by firing a 6mm projectile from a replica firearm. Game types are typically scenario and objective oriented, requiring players to complete specific objectives in order to win. Often times, players will utilize gear, equipment and tactics used by modern military and law enforcement groups. Teamwork, communication and tactics are highly encouraged while playing.


4214 Campbells Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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Located conveniently off the Parkway West – Coming from Downtown, North, South and East take the Rosslyn Farms Exit or Campbells Run Road Exit. Coming from the West take the Ridge Road/Settlers Ridge Exit.



About Our Field

Valhalla Indoor Airsoft features a varied field consisting of four “bays”. Each bay has a distinct layout and theme, allowing our players to have a varied and immersed experience. No matter your skill level, all players will enjoy our unique and atmospheric field.

Off the field we have two large staging areas where players can relax, reload and store their equipment between games. We also offer a fully loaded concession stand, with various drinks to quench your thirst and many food options to keep you full throughout the day.

Parents can take a load off while their kids play by relaxing in our parent’s lounge. The parent’s lounge itself offers free Wi-Fi, several couches and an HDTV to keep you occupied. The parent’s lounge and the upper level feature several viewing windows that overlook the field.

Connected to Valhalla Indoor Airsoft is a full retail store from Cool Stuff by L&M. Cool Stuff has everything you need to get geared up and ready to play.

About Our Company

Valhalla Indoor Airsoft is a place created by airsofters for airsofters. Our owners have years of experience within the airsoft and business industries. Our staff all has background in the sport as well. At Valhalla Indoor Airsoft our goal is to ensure that all players regardless
of age or skill level have a safe, clean, fun environment to play their favorite sport in.

What’s the meaning behind the Valhalla name?

In the Norse language, Valhalla translates roughly to “Hall of Warriors” In Viking mythology, Valhalla was an enormous hall in which the very best viking heroes stayed for eternity if they perished in battle.

At Valhalla Indoor Airsoft, we’re a different hall of warriors – airsoft warriors. A place so awesome to play at, you might want stay here for eternity just like the viking warriors.


4214 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Valhalla Phone

(412) 276-0329
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